Economic Outlook

S&P 500 Hits Record Highs in January 2024: The start of 2024 brought not just modest gains to the U.S. stock market, but also saw the S&P 500 reaching new record highs, underscoring the robustness of large-cap stocks and the buoyant market sentiment. While the Communication Services sector spearheaded the charge with remarkable gains, the overall market landscape was characterized by a mix of performances across sectors. This milestone highlights the enduring strength of the market and the pivotal role of diversification in harnessing growth opportunities amidst a positive yet varied sectoral performance.

Diversification Imperative for Advisors in 2024: The performance of the “Magnificent Seven” mega-cap stocks in 2023, particularly the divergence seen with Tesla, serves as a poignant reminder of the shifting sands within market leadership. This variability accentuates the critical need for advisors to embrace a diversified investment strategy in 2024. By broadening investment horizons beyond the historically dominant players, advisors can better insulate portfolios against volatility and capitalize on emerging opportunities in an increasingly dynamic market landscape.

AI Revolutionizing RIA Practices in 2024 and Beyond: As we step into 2024, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to profoundly transform the practices of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). From enhancing personalized client services through data-driven insights to automating administrative tasks for increased efficiency, AI’s integration into RIA operations promises a new era of precision in portfolio management and client engagement. This technological evolution will enable RIAs to offer more sophisticated investment strategies, improve risk assessment, and deliver a higher level of tailored advice, setting the stage for unprecedented growth and client satisfaction in the financial advisory landscape.


StockSnips’ AI-driven portfolios have demonstrated strong performance against both passive index funds and certain comparable momentum active ETFs, across various timeframes. Over a three-year period, two of StockSnips portfolios have yielded cumulative returns that surpass those of the SPY. On a one year basis, our equal-weight models have underperformed SPY, partly due to the significant influence of the ‘Magnificent Seven’. however, when compared to Invesco‘s S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF (RSP) which has returned 6.72% over the last 1 year, almost all of StockSnips portfolios have exceeded this benchmark during the same time period. StockSnips AI Monthly Quality All Cap Strategy has outperformed several high-profile momentum and AI-driven active ETFs over a three-year period. StockSnips remains committed to long-term growth but also strategic diversity in our portfolio holdings, that tend to steer clear of concentrated leadership as we have seen in 2023.

How Do We Achieve This Performance?

Our signals are a robust proxy for investor sentiment which drives price, in addition to fundamentals like revenue & earnings growth estimates. This unique, technology-driven approach enables us to capture market movements effectively & more quickly with frequent rebalancing, driving superior returns for our investors.

2024 Look Ahead: AI Applications in Investing

  • AI-Driven Evolution in Risk Management: The coming year holds the promise of a transformative shift in risk management, with AI set to play a pivotal role. We anticipate groundbreaking advancements in AI algorithms that can predict and mitigate risks with unprecedented precision. This evolution signifies a new horizon in proactive risk management, empowering us to safeguard investments with a level of foresight previously unattainable.
  • Prioritizing Ethical AI and Ironclad Data Security: As AI solidifies its role in the financial sector, adhering to the highest standards of data security and ethical AI practices becomes even more vital. In light of recent cautions from SEC Chair Gary Gensler against “AI washing” – the practice of making misleading or false claims about AI capabilities, akin to the greenwashing in environmental sustainability – firms must be committed to ensuring full transparency in AI initiatives & central to our approach is the focus on the explainability and interpretability of our Machine Learning Models to allow investors to be as confident in AI’s integrity as they are in its performance.
  • AI as a Catalyst for Hyper-Personalized Financial Planning: In 2024, we anticipate a significant leap in the application of AI towards creating hyper-personalized financial planning experiences. This trend will see AI not just as a tool for portfolio management, but as an integral part of crafting individualized financial roadmaps. By analyzing a vast array of data points – from market trends to personal financial goals and life events – AI systems will offer insights and strategies tailored to each investor’s unique journey. This move towards deeply personalized financial advice represents a new frontier in investor engagement and financial empowerment.

StockSnips has been leveraging the power of AI in investing for over 7 years & along with the existing suite of SMA strategies, is set to launch Active AI-driven ETFs in the coming months. While the large firms are not making this technology available to RIAs, StockSnips AI Portfolios help to improve firms investment efficiency and remain low cost for high performing active strategies. By automating the analysis of large volumes of unstructured news and deriving a powerful sentiment signal, StockSnips allows RIAs and Asset Managers to focus more on strategic decision making and client servicing. The reduced costs and increased productivity offered by StockSnips make it an essential tool for RIAs seeking innovation to optimize their practice & maximize client satisfaction.