More precise. More predictive. Better measured Investor Sentiment with our proprietary MSDX signal.

Most investor sentiment is measured with macro level indicators like the VIX index or trading volume, and not at the micro level. StockSnips MSDX signal focusses on the micro-investor sentiment at the individual firm level, and is measured on a continuous real-time basis.
Research has shown that the standard finance model based on “rational unemotional investing” is driven by fundamentals, and that the expected value of future cash flows ignores investor sentiment and does not explain periods of irrational exuberance or the reverse.

Sentiment Based Portfolio Design

We rank equities based on our proprietary bi-factor model which blends Daily Sentiment and Sentiment Momentum to construct our portfolio model offerings.

Extensively Backtested.

Our AI portfolio models are in live trading by many investment firms, and have been proven to generate higher returns over traditional signals alone.

Superior Returns.

Our predictive models combine Fundamental factors and Investor Sentiment to enable the creation and maintenance of Smart Alpha Portfolios.

How we do it
Custom-built for RIAs and Asset Managers

Leverage our proprietary state-of-the art AI/NLP Platform

Our models leverage our proprietary state-of-the art AI/NLP platform that ingest millions of news media articles and SEC filings from dozens of sources and transforms them into a quantifiable company-level Investor Sentiment signal.

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