AI-powered Models that Adapt and Diversify your Equity Holdings.

Investor sentiment is a powerful driver of stock prices, often preceding actual market moves & left out of most traditional or technical investment strategies. By focusing on equities trending in sentiment, we aim to capture growth potential before it’s fully recognized by the market. This forward-looking approach seeks to offer investors an edge, tapping into the momentum of positive sentiment.

The Future of Investing

Elevating Active Management: Our AI News Sentiment, a Cutting-Edge Proxy for Investor Sentiment, Unveils the Emotional and Belief-Driven Forces Behind Stock Prices.

Designed for the Modern Investor.

For those who believe that understanding the market’s mood is just as crucial as understanding its fundamentals.

Adaptive to Changing Market Conditions.

Built to respond to the market’s constant changes where yesterday’s news can dramatically alter today’s landscape.

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AI is complicated. News is Exploding.

In the rapidly advancing world of AI, we believe every investor should have a simple and low cost way to access it —Our models leverage our proprietary AI/NLP platform meticulously analyzes vast amounts of news media. This isn’t just data processing—it’s intelligent interpretation of investor sentiment at the equity level, turning the overwhelming tide of information into the foundation & driving force of our funds rebalance decisions.

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